Bags! Bags! Bags!

Bags!  I love making them.  Here are a few of the bags I have made and fabrics I have used.  They are for sale and can be customized with any colors you would like.  Price for any of these is $40.

Black and White

Inside of bag is the same fabric as the top band.  There is also an inside pocket in each of these bags.  Fabric is a lovely canvas.

Tans and Browns


Bucket Project Bag
These are great for knitters or crocheters.  
They seriously hold a least two projects.  I love mine.

Pinks and Greens


Pink and Green Bucket Bag

Purple Knitting Bag

This is the most roomy bag ever.  Inside pocket.  And wooden handles give it a classy finish.

All photos were taken by Mandi Chapman and are the property of Too Daughters and Cheri Chapman.


Infinity Scarves

In the past few months I have been doing my best to do as many Pinterest projects as I posssibly can.  I have had many successful Pinterest projects which I would like to share here on my new blog.

Since Infinity Scarves are such a popular fashion accessory and worn by my youngest daughter I decided to start making some for her. 

Below are photos of the current scarves I have available for sale. They are one of a kind scarves so once it is sold they will no longer be available.  Fabrics vary. I've done my best to describe them here but please email me with questions. The scarves are long enough to loop twice around your neck as shown in the photos.  But they  could be looped three times for more of a cowl look.

The cost is $25 per scarf which includes free shipping.  If you would like to purchase any of these scarves please email me at A PayPal invoice will be created for payment.

Thank you to my daughter Mandi for being my model AND photographer. And thank you to my daughter Keia for helping pick out fabrics and being the driving force behind getting these made.  Thus the name of the blog and company - TOO DAUGHTERS.

Black and Silver Gauze

Brown and Blue Flannel Stripe

Blue Turquoise Gauze

Brown Plaid Gauze

Brown and Yellow Plaid Flannel

Lavender Gauze

Light Blue Gauze

Red, Blue and Orange Plaid Gauze

Pink Coral Gauze

Purple Gauze

Purple and Blue Gauze

Red Tartan Plaid Flannel

Red and Light Blue Plaid Gauze

Brick Red Gauze

Yellow Gauze