Bags! Bags! Bags!

Bags!  I love making them.  Here are a few of the bags I have made and fabrics I have used.  They are for sale and can be customized with any colors you would like.  Price for any of these is $40.

Black and White

Inside of bag is the same fabric as the top band.  There is also an inside pocket in each of these bags.  Fabric is a lovely canvas.

Tans and Browns


Bucket Project Bag
These are great for knitters or crocheters.  
They seriously hold a least two projects.  I love mine.

Pinks and Greens


Pink and Green Bucket Bag

Purple Knitting Bag

This is the most roomy bag ever.  Inside pocket.  And wooden handles give it a classy finish.

All photos were taken by Mandi Chapman and are the property of Too Daughters and Cheri Chapman.


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